A Universal Reconciliation & Analytics Platform

Reconciliation by Runzzit helps you reconcile data sets from disparate systems while allowing you to analyze patterns. We have also built a specific application for Banks to reconcile their new-age transaction types with pre-configured rules engine, Fraud Analytics dashboard and a workflow backed resolution tool – all built into a single application set!

Reconciliation for Banks

Runzzit has been conceptualized and architected by with a vision to provide universal reconciliation platform with workflow capabilities for the banking industry. The system has been tested over millions of transactions across multiple types of reconciliations. The system is adaptable to your transactional and analytical needs. The in-built Configurator aligns it to ANY reconciliation type, versatile in nature, this product drives efficiency, with transparency and control.

A Customized Solution to suit your Business needs

Customized Dashboard and Reports

Realtime information and reports for every reconciliation, presented in a user friendly manner. Custom reports with required information to drive actionable insights.


Prioritized Disputes Visualizations

Explore into each reconciliation easily and check disputes quickly.

Multi Role Categorizations

Multi User creation system for various roles. Every User can be assigned different tasks with specific access according to roles defined to perform certain actions. This feature helps the system to be full-on business centric.

We Always Try To Evaluate Customers Values

Key Differentiators

Web based tool with ability to work stand alone or as integrated solution with your other web applications

Simple configuration to add new source files - Reconcile with Secure File Exchange Or through APIs

Reconciliation: Manual as well as scheduling options for an automated experience.

Exception Handling WorkFlow end-to-end solution

Multi Source Reconciliation tuning and customizations, Reconciliation rules.

Designed for Scale and Complexity

Scalable - Robust - Business Driven

Multi Access Mode

Multi User Creation with specific controls and access. A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, locations, and more

Focus on UI-UX-CX

All information is organized and managed in a user-friendly interface on the same system. The User Interface is responsive and solution can be used on Mobile along with widescreen devices - Multi Device Usability.


System Customizations

The System can be used for multiple Sources and multiple features such as scheduled reconciliations give you the flexibility to tune the system as per Business Processes.

Integration Friendly

Link your workflows with third party systems using APIs and event handlers. Define API types - SOAP or REST, Time Out and Authentication settings as well. Multiple APIs for various tasks from multiple entities.

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